Zack Snyder Talks on Doomsday’s Mythology Possibility Being Explored in Justice League


Zack Snyder who’s the director of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League Part 1 and Part 2, spoke with The Daily Beast where he spoke the the backlash by fans of the unveiling of the super villain in the latest trailer and teasing the possibility of the character playing a role as well in the Justice League film.

Snyder responds to the backlash to the latest trailer giving too much away:

I know what’s in the movie, so I know there’s other stuff,” Snyder laughed, checking in via phone from Los Angeles, where he’s putting the final touches on the March 25 release.

On talking with Warner Bros. as to what should be shown in the marketing for the film:

“We had a long conversation about just taking ownership of that, of giving it to the audience in a controlled way that I felt was consistent with the escalation of the campaign,” said Snyder, a commercials veteran.

Teasing on what story line he may go with in Justice League, that might involve Doomsday:

“Well, you have Doomsday, right? He doesn’t just crawl out of the ground. He has his own mythology, right? So that has to be explored…”

On introducing Doomsday to the audience in Batman v Superman:

“To us it really made sense to give [Doomsday] to the audience now. I really wanted to make the audience a promise that… though I’m super excited and happy and fulfilled by the conflict of Batman and Superman, there’s also a bigger world to start to think about.”


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