400 Mothers and Daughters Got a Supergirl Special Surprise


CBS held a special event for 400 mothers and daughters for Supergirl, which they screened the the pilot episode of the series and got a surprise appearance from Melissa Benoist, who walked on stage soon after the pilot ended.

In honor of the new series, the show invited 400 lucky mothers and daughters to enjoy the premiere episode in the heart of Universal Studios, complete with a red carpet, velvet ropes, and snacks for a truly super experience.

The fortunate fans posed for the paparazzi and played with their first gift of the day: Supergirl bracelets. Brimming with excitement, they even did the wave and started a rowdy Supergirl chant. Once the film reel began, the entire theater fell silent for the entirety of the screening—aside from the collective gasps, awes, and cheers during the particularly emotional scenes.

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