Amy Adams Felt Sorry For Zack Snyder Over Batman v Superman Backlash


Amy Adams in an interview with Variety at the 2016 Telluride Film Festival, spoke of the backlash Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice received by critics and some fans alike and how it made her feel sorry for director Zack Snyder, as he’s the nicest person ever and a respectful director.

“I just felt for Zack [Snyder]. Zack’s like the nicest person ever, and to see him kind of talked about like that was really hard for me, because he’s really such a respectful director.”

Adams also went on to talk a bit on Justice League:

“Everyone’s really excited [for ‘Justice League’]. It’s a totally different film.”

Source: Variety

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  • GAB

    Amy is a smart and talented woman, she knows better then us how good and talented is Zack Snyder. He worked on BvS for almost three years, most of the productions, even for the big blockbusters, are one year and a half, or two years. Zack put passion and energy in what he does and he tries to do something new and better, something that can be considered art. Unfortunately, hypocrisy and incompetence of today’s critics, who aren’t really able to judge the content, they just say their opinions full of bias and inconsistency, have destroyed the concept of art. For critics, a film full of cliché like Star Trek Beyond is good, the new Ghostbusters, an unnecessary remake offensive and parodic, is also good for them, while BvS, an artistic, innovative film, brave and introspective, for them is not good. In my opinion, critics have completely destroyed the cinema, because of their prejudices and inability to objectively evaluate the content of a film. As they do their job today, they show that their job is useless.