Billy Crudup In Talks to Play Henry Allen in The Flash


Variety is reporting that Watchmen actor Billy Crudup, is in talks to play Henry Allen in The Flash film that’s being directed by Rick Famuyiwa.

Billy Crudup is known for his role as Dr. Manhattan in the Zack Snyder adaptation of DC’s graphic novel by Alan Moore, Watchmen.

Dr. Henry Allen is the father of Barry Allen in The Flash and is known now as being locked up for the murder of Barry’s mother when Barry was a child. An incident that leads Barry into becoming a forensic scientist for the Central City Police Department.

This would be the third live action version of the character presented on-screen as M. Emmett Walsh had played the role in the 1990 television series Pilot for The Flash starring John Wesley Shipp in the title role.

In the recent series on The CW with Grant Gustin as The Flash, John Wesley Shipp returned but this time as Henry Allen, a role he is now still playing, while also playing Jay Garrick.

The final talks have not been confirmed, so as always take with a grain of salt, but it is a Variety exclusive, so we are confident there’s truth to it.

Source: Variety

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