Aquaman Debuts at Top of Blu-Ray Chart with $31 Million


James Wan’s Aquaman starring Jason Momoa as the title character, debuted on the top of the domestic Blu-ray charts with $31 million in the week of April 31st, after it’s March 26th release date, with a total of 609,546 copies sold. Though the total of copies sold is in question as Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice sold over 1 million Blu-ray copies for the same profit outcome.

All together Aquaman managed to make $35,818,862, when the home video sales of DVD is included, which counts for $4 million of the movie’s home video profit.

Even though the numbers look pretty impressive for the week it released, it actually stands as the lowest debut for a DC Extended Universe movie on home video for its first week unit sold, but as we previously stated, that number comes into question due to the profit that was made.

Regardless if it’s the smallest in units copies sold, Aquaman still stands at the top grossing DCEU movie in theaters with $1,1 billion at the worldwide box office.


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