Arrow Can No Longer Use Deathstroke Due to Movie


Arrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim in a recent interview with Discussing Film, Guggenheim went on to explain the limitations put in place for the DC television series on The CW, when it comes to the DC  Comics characters that can be used, due to the movie division of DC Entertainment.

“These are DC’s characters; we’re just renting them you know, so we use the characters that they tell us we can use when we can use them, and we work around whatever limitations that places us,” Guggenheim said.

“For a time they were saying ‘you can’t use Deathstroke’, and that changed and we were able to have Slade Wilson back on the show, and now we’re back to ‘you can’t use him,'” Guggenheim said.

This is clearly due to the Deathstroke film that’s in development at the moment, as we saw at the end credits of Justice League, Deathstroke played by Joe Manganiello, is very much a factor in the DC Extended Universe.


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