The Question Possibly Getting a Live Action Movie?


Marc Guggenheim who is the executive producer on Arrow, spoke at ACE Comic Con and answered questions on what DC Comics characters he can use on the series, one being Deathstroke as we perviously reported and the other is the character of The Question.

Guggenheim confirmed this news to Discussing Film, when talking on using The Question on Arrow.

“I always bring him up,” he revealed. “I’ve always felt like that character would be a really great fit for the tone of Arrow. That said, it’s not our characters, it’s DC’s characters and they’ve got other plans for The Question, which is awesome. I don’t know what their plans are, but clearly they do have plans or else we would be using him.”

This could very well mean Question will be coming to a live action television series or perhaps a movie. There are rumors of a Birds of Prey film in development possibly as Batgirl’s solo film, which consist of The Huntress, who’s known to have a link The Question. In the New 52 there are two versions of The Question, with the Vic Sage version the other one’s being Renee Montoya who became his successor, who also ends up joining the Birds of Prey. Of course a solo film for The Question could be in the cards as well.

Considering the tone that surrounds The Question, shows like Gotham on FOX and Titans on the DC Streaming Service could be a good fit for the character as well, as the character of Renee Montoya did appear on Gotham, played by Victoria Cartagena.

Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment have loosened their stance on having one version of a character on television and film at a time, with evidence showing both The Flash and Superman having a television and film versions at the same time. Plus Arrow actor Stephen Amell stated as a fact that there is no clause stating there are characters that can’t be used indefinitely. But clearly there are instances where it does happen and this, along with Deathstroke as examples.

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