Rumor: Arrow / The Flash Spinoff Pilot Filming This Weekend


As we previously reported Ciara Renée who’s playing Hawkgirl in the Arrow / The Flash spinoff television series for The CW, tweeted a photo of a trailer on The Flash set with the following writing on it The Flash Welcomes Kendra Saunders“, which then led to a bunch of rumors that Kendra Saunders would be appearing in the season 1 finale of The Flash.

The photo soon removed by Renée and the rumor mill was quickly shut down by confirmation that Renée was not appearing in The Flash finale by the studio itself, which left people wondering why Renée was in Vancouver, Canada and why she had a trailer welcoming by The Flash.

Well a new rumor has been started by PUNKD Images, who are a known paparazzi in Vancouver, that Arrow / The Flash spinoff is actually set to start filming this weekend, they’ve released this information via their social media sites, along with a photo of Arthur Darvill arriving into Vancouver (UPDATE: Also Wentworth Miller).

There’s also a rumor that Caity Lotz (Sara Lance) will be the White Canary on the spinoff series, hence why PUNKD Images posted a photo of the White Canary along with their scoop via Instagram.

Of course as we always say when it comes to rumors, take it with a grain of salt.

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