Ciara Renee Is Not Appearing in The Flash Finale


Ciara Renee, who has been cast as Kendra Saunders/Hawkgirl for the Arrow / The Flash spinoff posted a picture on her social media of what appears to be her set trailer with the front saying “The Flash Welcomes Kendra Saunders”, though she has since deleted the image.

As we reported earlier The Flash is on its last week of filming Season 1, speculation and hints have led us to believe a time change could happen and with this version of Hawgirl being from Earth 2, it’s possible this can be hinting at what timeline the new The CW series will take place in.

Sadly The Flash TV News updated fans on their site to say the studio have said Ciara Renee is not appearing in the season finale of The Flash, but it makes us wonder is she there for costumes fitting, meeting the cast it maybe table reading for the new series?

Eric Curto
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