Arrow: Will Someone Bite the Dust on Episode 3×19?


Apparently, the authors of Arrow have revealed that something very important will happen during the episode 3×19.

Specifically, during that episode … SOMEONE WILL DIE! (Marc Guggenheim has actually said that on his Twitter account)

In fact, it seems like one of our beloved characters will bite the dust, and some fans have started speculating about who will die.

Will Captain Lance have a heart attack? Will Diggle be killed off, maybe in the same way as his brother? Will Laurel follow the same path of Sara? Will either Thea or Malcolm die at the hands of Ra’s al Ghul?

Personally, I think that the one who could die will be Roy Harper, as Colton Haynes twitted about a “rough night” and Stephen Amell “goodbyes are tough”. It would actually make sense, as the storyline of the “fallen sidekick” isn’t something new in the comics (think about Bucky and Jason Todd).

Actually, if you think about it, Roy doesn’t have an actual storyline during this season, except for the fact that he has found out that he killed a man during his Mirakuru-driven rampage.

Also, Slade Wilson has talked about how many people has Oliver Queen to lose, “for there is no more Oliver Queen?”. What if a guy that he trained and helped dies, and it’s all his fault?

However, I’m sounding a bit redundant. What is your opinion about it?


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