Theory: What if Oliver Queen was Saved … by The Flash?


Hello, dear readers. This is my first article on this wonderful site, and, because I must introduce myself to you readers, I wanted you to know that I really love to make headcanons and fan theories about everything.

In fact, I have a theory that concerns something that many fans of Arrow see as a weird retcon (do not continue your reading if you haven’t watched the episode 3×09 of Arrow!).

As some people have noticed, Oliver Queen has been stabbed on his liver (or some other organ in that part of his body). However, when the show returned, he was able to get healed by some herbs … because his wound was actually located on another part of the body!

That doesn’t make sense at all, because, while the episodes after the pause have been aired on January (when the 3×09 aired on December), they were actually shot back to back, meaning that the writers have immediately changed their minds.

However, I think that it wasn’t a retcon.

The good part of a shared universe is that an important event for the characters of an installment can happen on another one. In this case: what if The Flash has some responsibilities about the change of the wound?

During the most recent episodes of The Flash, Barry discovers that he will be able to travel through time, which would mean that he could change important events.

Then, what if he “went” (he may do it on a future episode, so I think that I should say “he’ll go”) back in time to change the way Ra’s al Ghul stabbed Oliver, just to make sure that he will survive and return to Starling City?

I know that this is a forced and awkward theory, but that could actually makes sense: Barry, trying to know if he can actually change important events, saves Oliver Queen’s live by diverting Ra’s al Ghul’s blade. A small change that saves only one lives without interfering that much to the whole battle (because Ra’s still stabs him).

After that, Oliver survives, continues to protect Starling City and Barry knows that he can time travel.

What do you think about this theory? I hope you’ll read my next posts. See you soon!

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