Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Mentioned on The Big Bang Theory


TBBT_SupermanIn last night’s episode of The Big Bang Theory titled “The Empathy Optimization”, the episode starts off with Penny telling Bernadette and Emily that she saw the trailer to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which than leads to a debate between the women on how can Batman fight Superman, as Penny believes Batman trying to fight Superman is dumb.

Bernadette than says that maybe he uses kryptonite, Emily chimes in and says that Batman has a lot money, that maybe he built a suit that does everything Superman can do, this exchange between the women leaves the men in awe that they’re actually having a nerd related debate among each other.

The convention then ends with Penny mentioning that Ben Affleck is Batman, swaying the convention to Shakespeare in Love and how they should watch that during their next girl night.

The Big Bang Theory is produced by Warner Bros. and because this, the series tends to have many DC Comics related references as the characters are often seen wearing DC t-shirts, costumes and in the background scenery of the character’s apartment and the comic book store they often go to, you’ll see DC Comics posters, comic books and statues. For example in last night’s episode, the character of Sheldon was shown wearing a SuperFriends and Superman T-shirt throughout the episode.

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