The Legion of Super-Heroes Arriving Soon on Television


It was rumored a while back that the Legion of Super-Heroes, was possibly being turned into a film, however perhaps those rumors were more in line for television.

As Geoff Johns, the Chief Creative Officer  of DC Comics spoke at the Television Critics Association (TCA) about having the Legion appear on one of their shows.

“Keep watching,” DC Entertainment CCO Geoff Johns announced during today’s DC television presentation. “…You’ll see a hint of the Legion on one of our shows.”

We also know that a casting call was announced for a Young Clark Kent, could this be a hint that Supergirl will meet the Legion and see her cousin as Superboy? We also know that Superman exists in DC Legends of Tomorrow and that the team will be traveling to the future as well as the past, which in itself could result in the long wanted network crossover.

Personally think it’s the former as Supergirl has become a member of the Legion in both comics, animation and live action. We also know that Indigo, who comes from the future has been cast (Laura Vandervoort) so it’s possible she hitches a ride back with the Legion.

If this appearance goes well I do find it quite possible that we may get a spin-off featuring different members each season. But only time will tell.


Eric Curto
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