Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Mopeez Plush


Mopeez plush from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice have been unveiled by Entertainment Earth of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and Aquaman. The measurement are about 5-inches tall and 2 1/2-inches wide with the price of $7.99 and the release date of sometime in April of this year. 

Pre-orders for the plush dolls and the display case are now available:

Batman Mopeez Plush – $7.99BVS_Mopeez_Plush_01

Superman Mopeez Plush – $7.99BVS_Mopeez_Plush_02

Aquaman Mopeez Plush – $7.99BVS_Mopeez_Plush_03

Wonder Woman Mopeez Plush – $7.99BVS_Mopeez_Plush_04

Mopeez Plush Display Case – $94.99BVS_Mopeez_Plush_05

Mopeez Plush 4-Set – $29.99BVS_Mopeez_Plush_05

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