Tom Welling Says He Hasn’t Been Asked to Appear on Supergirl


Tom Welling best known for his role as Clark Kent on Smallville spoke with Access Hollywood for his recent film role in The Choice. During the interview one of the host then began to ask him if he’ll ever appear on Supergirl. As previously reported, Welling first spoke on the idea of appearing on Supergirl during an interview with BuzzFeed.  

In this interview Tom Welling doesn’t necessarily give a yes or no answer, but he does say “We’ll see”, as he admits he hasn’t been asked to appear on the CBS Television series. Then makes a joke that he’ll need notice before hand, when asked about putting on the tights.

He also briefly discusses his time on Smallville, while in Vancouver filming the 10 year of the series.

We have already seen Dean Cain, Helen Slater and soon Laura Vandervoort all who also appeared in Smallville, so it would be great to see him join in on the DC tradition, after all both Dean Cain and Christopher Reeve honored his show by appearing.

Listen to Welling’s comment around 2:12 mark:

Eric Curto
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