Box Office: Focus This Weekend’s Winner


The Will Smith (Deadshot) and Margot Robbie (Harley Quinn) con artist, comedy thriller Focus takes the #1 spot for the weekend of February 27th-March 1st with $19.1 million dollars in the domestic box office, below the projected number of $20 million plus.

Though it’s said the low box office has more to do with the snowstorms in the northeast and rainstorms in the southeast of the United States, as a current resident of the southeast I can confirm that the rainstorms were a non-stop event all Saturday.

The crowd report and grade for Focus are being summarized as followed:

Crowds turning up for Focus were predominantly older females with women repping 53% of the crowd, men were 47%.  Over 25 repped 88% of the crowd, while under 25 was 12%.  The younger crowd loved Focus, giving it an A-, while the older folks gave it a B.  I’m told it was a strong B, in so far that the 25-34 demo gave it a B+.

With a production budget of $50.1 million, Focus has already managed to make $31.3 million for its opening weekend, including the Foreign’s box office numbers. reported earlier this week that the film was set to make $61 million overall domestically. If that number stays true, plus the boost of the foreign box office, Focus won’t be a loss for Warner Bros.

One thing these numbers show us is Will Smith is no longer the huge box office draw that he once was. Now the question is– will this affect Suicide Squad?

Very doubtful, as Will Smith won’t be the only draw to the film and Suicide Squad already has a built-in fan base, what matters is how well received Batman v Superman:Dawn of Justice is by the fans, critics and the box office alike. If that film does fantastic, that success will only rollover into Suicide Squad when it releases on August 5, 2016.

Source:, Boxofficemojo,

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