Supergirl Meets Supergirl Officially


While waiting on the next tweet from David Ayer or/and Jared Leto on the Suicide Squad reveal for today (yea I don’t have a life as the Joker would say HAHA) I came across another interesting tweet.

A tweet by Melissa Benoist, who’s playing Kara Zor-El on the Supergirl television series, that starts shooting this Wednesday. It appears she has run into the original Supergirl herself Helen Slater, obviously they must be having a table meeting and getting prepared for their shoots this week.

All this DC related news is great from the cast and crew who are so forthcoming with giving us fans some smiles throughout the day.

Here it is MY generation’s Supergirl, meeting the generation NEW Supergirl. Come on Laura Vandervoort, where are you?

Eric Curto
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