Cameron Monaghan Promises Massive Carnage on Gotham From Jerome


Cameron Monaghan who plays Jerome on Gotham, who is The Joker before he comes the Joker, spoke with Zap2it on the second season of the FOX television series and what his character will be up to.

“He causes massive amounts of carnage. You see exactly how dangerous a personality like his could possibly be,” Monaghan explains to Zap2it. “We see allusions to a very great villain.”

Monaghan also talks on his performance of the character on Gotham being a love letter to the 75 years of The Joker:

“In many ways it’s a love letter to 75 years of the character. I read as much as I could,” he says “I think he’s a great villain, so I used it as an opportunity to pay tribute to many greats that I grew up watching. Hopefully, will be able to catch that.”

Monaghan also spoke a bit on the storyline that taking place in the new season with the villains:

“[In Season 2], we see the rise of great villains. We see the danger of a city in peril as it descends into utter madness and danger,” he teases. “It’s exciting.”

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