Stephen Amell Updates on His Injury and on Arrow


Stephen Amell of Arrow earlier shared on his Facebook about his injury he had received this morning, while training. Now he has uploaded yet another video giving us an update on his injury, apparently his tongue needs stitches, although he points out you can’t stitch a tongue as he chewed a portion off due to his injury and can’t really eat, although he can speak better.

He is also in make up, which means he shot some scenes, so it’ll be interesting to see if we can spot the scenes where he has the injury and still kicking butt.

He than discusses his feelings on the WWE, as well as those who look down on the organization stating “Any show you watch right now, WWE was there before and will be there after. ”

He also began a quick Q&A.

Stephen Amell discusses his opinion on Matt Ryan coming to Arrow?

He’s super excited, had met Matt Ryan at Comic Con 2014 and is excited to see Constantine appear as he loves crossovers how that Matt Ryan seems very passionate about the character and is speaking for all of Arrow’s cast and crew.

Is Diggle and Oliver going to be as close in Season 4 as they were in other seasons?

Issues, they have a few issues

Will Oliver meet his long-lost son?

Hope so.

Will you wrestle as Arrow or Stephen Amell?

Stephen Amell, but I may have a few tricks up my sleeve

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