Cara Delevingne Comments on Having a Contract Beyond Suicide Squad with DC


Cara Delevingne who’s playing Enchantress in Suicide Squad spoke with The Empire Film Podcast while promoting her latest film Paper Towns in London and during the interview she spoke on Suicide Squad.

The question that stood out the most was when she’s asked if she has a contract beyond Suicide Squad, which we speculate that she does because of Justice League Dark. Delevingne responded as followed:

Empire Magazine: Do you have sorta contract beyond Suicide Squad with DC?
I don’t know how much I’m gonna say… NO! [laughs] I don’t know, ahhhh! [laughs]

She neither confirms or denies, though the way she responded to us makes us believe that she does a contract beyond one film.

Also during the interview Delevingne confirms that Suicide Squad is a six month shoot. The Suicide Squad talk starts around 41:17 and goes on and off until the end of her the interview:

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