Keiynan Lonsdale Talks Wally West and Confirms He’ll Start Filming in October


Keiynan Lonsdale who’s playing Wally West in the second season of The Flash, spoke with The Wrap on auditing process for the role, his casting announcement, when he’ll start filming, what little he knows about his character’s role and how he still hasn’t met the actors from The Flash.

When do you start filming?
I start filming in October, but I don’t know the exact date yet.

So what can you tell us about Wally and how he’s connected to the “Flash” universe, particularly Iris?
Everything has been kept under wraps, even to me, which I think is really cool. Since watching the show I’ve become a massive fan, so when I found out I got the part, one part of me was like “oh but now I’m going to know all the spoilers and stuff, I don’t want to know that!” [laughs] But yeah, they haven’t even told me the exact details yet in terms of the relation to Iris or how exactly Wally is going to be connected into the storyline and how he’ll weave through the different storylines, so I’m not really sure. But I’m sure I’ll find out soon. It’s going to be a hard secret to keep!

Have you met your cast mates yet?
No, the only person I met was Candice. I got to meet her in my final auditions, which was really cool. It was awesome. She was great to read with, she had a great energy, so I’m super excited to work with her, and everyone.

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