Charles Roven Reveals the Brain Trust for the DC Extended Universe


The producer of the DC Extended Universe Charles Roven, exclusively spoke to Collider on who’s the brain trust behind the upcoming films, naming himself, John Berg who is the executive vice president at Warner Bros., Zack Snyders and Geoff Johns.

“I think also very much involved in that brain trust is John Berg, who is the executive vice president at Warner Bros. I would say the Snyders, myself, John Berg, and Geoff Johns would be sort of that Brain Trust… I’m working with great people. They’re all really great people. And not that we don’t—there are many times we agree, and there’s many times we don’t agree [and] we work it out.”

Roven also talks about the inter-connecting between all the films in the DC Extended Universe:

“So if, for example, The Flash movie or the Aquaman film is gonna come out after Justice League 1, it’s not gonna be a completely different character; that character will have evolved from Justice League 1. Wonder Woman, when we see her in Justice League 1, will have evolved from Batman v Superman. Unless we decide that in one of these stories we’re gonna do something that happened in the past and have it be more of an origination story, in which case you’ll realize how that character became what they were in the movie that they were first introduced.”

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