Chris McKay Explains Why Nightwing Wasn’t Annouced at Comic Con


As we previously reported,  Warner Bros. announced the new upcoming films for the DC Extended Universe at their panel at San Diego Comic Con, among those films were Wonder Woman 2ShazamSuicide Squad 2, The Batman, Justice League Dark, Batgirl and Green Lantern Corps. Not among those films were Gotham City Sirens and Nightwing.

Fans clearly took note of the absent and went on to ask Nightwing director Chris McKay through Twitter why the film wasn’t featured on DC’s slat of films at Comic Con, in which Mckay responded stating the reason behind why the film wasn’t announced, was due needing time to make a great film.

I’ve turned down films because they were backed into a release date that made it difficult to make a great film. This isn’t going to be like that. I want this movie to blow you away. We need time to get it right.

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