Robert Zemeckis Likely to be the Director of The Flash?


According to Mark Hughes of Forbes, director Robert Zemeckis, best known for film such as the Back to the Future trilogy and Forrest Gump, is Warner Bros. frontrunner for the Flash’s solo film Flashpoint and is expected to get the job.

Hughes went on to Twitter to reply to a fan’s question on who’s the frontrunner for The Flash solo film Flashpoint, where he responded with:

Zemeckis is top studio choice & I expect him to get the job. The timing seems to line up w/giving him room to finish his current project.

If Zemeckis does end up in the directing chair for Flashpoint, it’ll only make perfect sense, as he’s proven himself as someone who can handle a series of films that deal with altering timelines.

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  • That could be really cool.

  • GAB

    If this is true is a good choice, but until it will be officially confirmed by WB, Johns, Berg or Zemeckis, is just pure speculation and a rumor unconfirmed. Also, the person who said this is the same who wrote an article saying that WW is in Flashpoint, so thirsty for clickbait? He wrote an article saying the obvious, people should be doubtful about how truth this can be, considering that the name of Zemeckis was attached on this movies for months. If the movie Flashpoint is based on the comics, as the title suggest, of course Wonder Woman will be in the movie, and also there will be Aquaman, Mera, Shazam, Batman Thomas Wayne, Superman and Cyborg and the villain could be Reverse Flash. Flashpoint could be a faithful adaptation of the comics, for some info people should check that book instead of drink the lies from this so called “writer”.