Chris Pine Couldn’t be Happier to be Supporting Gal Gadot in Wonder Woman


Chris Pine who’s playing Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman, spoke a bit about the film in a recent interview with Total Films, where he praised director Patty Jenkins and states how happy he is that he’s supporting Gal Gadot who plays Wonder Woman, in launching the first female-driven superhero film.

Pine’s already started shooting the Wonder Woman movie with Gal Gadot and director Patty Jenkins, “It’ll be a fucking blast,” he says of the suiting up as a WWI fighter Steve Trevor. “Patty’s got a tremendous sense of story, I couldn’t be happier to be supporting Gal in what going to be the first female-driven superhero film. I think in the world today we’ve had plenty enough of male-driven everything and it’s finally time to see how wonderful the world can be with the beautiful, strong intelligent women kicking some major ass.”

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