Christos Gage Talks on the Batman v Superman Prequel Comics


Christos Gage who’s the writer of the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice prequel comics, spoke with to, on how he got the job to work on the comic, his experience of writing the comics and confirming he was able to read a version of the film’s script to help him with ideas for the comics, but had to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement, so he couldn’t say in the interview what those ideas were.

Superman.About (Maurice Mitchell): How did you get the job working on the comics?

Christos Gage: The editor, Alex Antone, and I have worked together on many projects going back a few years now, and always enjoy working together.He got in touch and asked if I’d be interested, and I thought it sounded like fun.

I think my screenwriting experience was a selling point.
SA: Did you get a peek at the script for the film or were you given a description of the storyline?

CG: I was able to read a version of the script that had a number of sections redacted, especially towards the end, but I signed an NDA [Non-Disclosure Agreement] so I can’t really talk about it.

SA: How much freedom did you have to develop the series? Was there anything you wanted to do that got rejected?

CG: I submitted two or three ideas for each character, but I can’t say what they were, both due to the NDA and the fact that I often find places to use rejected ideas down the road!

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