Colin Farrell, Michiel Huisman and Charles Dance Rumored To Be In Negotiations For Justice League


According to two different sources, Colin Farrell is rumored to be in negotiate for a role in Justice League, while two known Game of Thrones, actors Michiel Huisman and Charles Dance are also rumored to be up negotiates in the film as well.

One source states the role they’re all negotiating for is Steppenwolf, who’s the main villain in the Justice League. Neither of these sources are known reliable as far as we know, so please take this rumor with a grain of salt, we’re only humoring it, because it sounds so delicious!

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  • Whoever they cast as Steppenwolf, I’m sure Warner Bros. will get the perfect actor.

  • Ryan

    The most intuitive thing to do would be to cast someone for Steppenwolf who is roughly a generation older than who they would cast for Darkseid. So, Charles Dance would be perfect, given that they’ll probably cast an actor 30-50 for Darkseid.
    Colin Farrell, I don’t know. he doesn’t seem like Darkseid to me. He could be Steppenwolf. It doesn’t totally matter the age of the actor.
    Michiel Huisman has Orm written all over him! I am praying the Aquaman solo will be Throne Of Atlantis and if that’s the case they would set up Ocean Master in Justice League. That would be sensational.

  • Tony

    Wade, go to Cleveland.

  • yonnino

    I would love it if Huisman would be cast as Dick Grayson

  • I thought Colin Farrell was going to be Constantine