Connie Nielsen Cast as Hippolyta in Wonder Woman


The Hollywood Reporter has exclusively learned that Danish actress, best known for her role in Gladiator, has been cast as Princess Diana’s (Gal Gadot) mother, Queen Hippolyta of the Amazons in Wonder Woman.

This comes as surprising news, as many fans were leaning towards the idea that Robin Wright was in fact playing Hippolyta, even after the recent report of what Wright’s daughter revealed this past weekend.

Now with this latest casting, this leaves Wright’s undisclosed character still very much a mystery, but at the same it’s a sigh of relief that we now have our Hippolyta in the DC Extended Universe, in Connie Nielsen.



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  • SPEK

    That was painful to read. It’s HippoLyta. I just chalked it a to a typo the first time, but after the fourth time…

    • Guess you would had been dead at the fifth time, in hand wouldn’t had been able to type your comment… thank you for living and making me realize the error.

      • SPEK

        Sarcasm received!

  • Red Queen

    Completely unexpected, but I love it! Great casting!

    • Feel like that’s how the DCEU will be in a nutshell. We’ll think we have it figured out, but we really won’t

      • BW/WB

        Couldn’t have said it better, I like that way, it keeps you on alert.

  • abdoulhay ceesay

    Why does everything say breaking news? Uh oh ,”exclusive”