Connie Nielsen Talks on her Awkward First Meeting with Gal Gadot


Connie Nielsen who plays Hippolyta in the DC Extended Universe, spoke in an exclusive interview with Flickering Myth, on her first meeting with Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman) on the set of Wonder Woman, stating it was awkward due to the fact she was playing Gadot’s mother in the film.

Any funny set stories working with Gal Gadot?

The first time I met Gal I was in the make up trailer inside a tanning tent getting spray tanned – a uniquely clammy experience – when, as I step out of the tent, naked but for a thong, Gal is whipping off her clothes to get into the tent – and that’s where we said hello the first time. Playing her mother added an extra twist to awkward.

Nielsen also goes on to answer questions on Hippolyt’s role in Justice League and if she would return for the Wonder Woman sequel.

Can you tell us anything about your role in Justice League?

Sorry, only that Hippolyta is a badass.

Do you think there’s a role for Hippolyta in Wonder Woman 2 or is it too early?

Dunno, but I hope so.


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