Corina Calderon Confirmed for Suicide Squad


Corina Calderon (End of Watch) has confirmed her casting for Suicide Squad via her social media, she confirmed the news on March 31st. Calderson whose work with Suicide Squad director David Ayer in the past, confirmed also her character’s name, which is Grace, which has led fans to speculate she’s might be playing Karin Grace.

Karin Grace in DC Comics is an elite government agent working in Task Force X. Her relationship with Rick Flag led her to become a member of the Suicide Squad, operating as their combat medic. The area she specializes in is space medicine.

Or she could be Grace Choi who in the DC Comics has no relations to the Suicide Squad, but to Wonder Woman as she’s a Amazon by birth, unknown circumstances led her to be abandoned in man’s world, where she was horrifically abused in a child prostitution ring before eventually makes her escape. She found herself blessed with incredible strength and physical resilience as she grew older and settled into the fringes of the metahuman community where she worked such jobs as a bouncer for underground metahuman clubs.


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