Costume Designer Maya Mani Talks Arrow and The Flash New Outfits


Maya Mani who’s the costume designer for Arrow and The Flash spoke to Fashionista on the new outfits Oliver Queen and Barry Allen will be wearing in their new seasons, as well as the new look for Felicity Smoak.

On Arrow’s new costume:Arrow_Green_Arrow

“I wanted it to be tactical, so the shoulders are a little tougher,” she explained. “I also wanted him to be able to remove a layer or be in the layer and still be the Arrow, but not have the full fig on.”

On The Flash new costume:the_flash_promo

“I added a little bit more to the arms, the chest has been curved out from the original design and the color of his crest has changed, I look at the iconic comic book character and then what I try and do is extrapolate from that and bring it into a more grounded universe.”

On Felicity Smoak new look:

“We still want to maintain that sense of fun,” said Mani of elevating Felicity’s look, but avoiding a “hard-edged suit.” She will continue to wear a high-low mix of H&M, Topshop, Sandro and Victoria Beckham. We’ll also get a peek at Felicity’s personal style outside of the corner office (and the Arrow lair). “Now that we see her in her home, we have more opportunity to show a casual side of her, which in the past we haven’t had a chance to do.”

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