Michael Shannon Says He Makes Up Stuff About Batman v Superman


Michael Shannon who played Zod in Man of Steel and is returning for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, spoke a bit on the previous comments he’s made about his role in an interview with Screen Rant, admitting that he doesn’t have much to say about the film, so he makes up stuff, which he stated he’s sure Warner Bros. is really happy about.

So what about this story that you were wearing flippers on your hands on the set of Batman V Superman?

Flippers? I think that might be a prime example of my scatological humor. People ask me a lot about Batman v Superman and I really don’t have anything to say about it, so sometimes I just make up stuff, which I’m sure Warner Bros. is really happy about.

We saw you in the trailer in a body bag. Are you just in the body bag or do you get to do something cool in the movie?

I run for President (laughs). Uh, no, you know, I think it’s better left unsaid. I mean, when does the movie come out?


Yeah, I don’t want to spoil it for anybody. Yeah, no comment.

Fast-forward to the 3:42 minute mark to listen to Shannon’s comments:

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