Cross Fire: An Original Companion Novel of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice


As we previously reported, author Michael Kogge was working on a prequel novel for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, now we have the companion novel book’s title being “Cross Fire”, the synopsis, the cover art, release date and other details, along with availability to pre-order.

The book is for the age range of 7 – 10 years old, it’s a total 144 pages, with the retail price of $5.99 and it’s due to be released on February 16, 2016.

The Cross Fire’s synopsis is as followed:

After saving Metropolis from an alien invasion, Superman is now famous around the world. Meanwhile Gotham City’s own guardian, Batman, would rather fight crime from the shadows. But when the devious Doctor Aesop escapes from Arkham Asylum, the two very different heroes begin investigating the same case and a young boy is caught in the cross fire.

This action-packed junior novel tells an original story about the stars of Batman v Superman(TM): Dawn of Justice. The book also includes a full-color insert with images from the feature film.


Pre-order the novel on Amazon:

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