Daniel Cerone Asked to Keep a Low Profile on Constantine


As we witness last week Constantine was not picked up by The CW, as it was never announced at the Upfront, this news left Constantine co-creator Daniel Cerone upset as he express via a few tweets, some which were deleted afterwards. Though he had a few things to say on the matter, one being that he was asked to keep a low profile for the time being in regards to the television series and that he would inform fans more on what they can do to help when he can.

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    Ahh, so I was wondering why things were so quiet on the Constantine front.

  • Jason Morris

    What the hell is wrong with NBC???
    Why did they want the show in the first
    Place, if they weren’t going to give it time to grow???
    Probably behind the scenes bullshit that the general
    Public isn’t privy to!!!