The Joker’s Car on Suicide Squad Set


Back in April Unlucky Archers got the scoop on what The Joker’s car in Suicide Squad might look like, which they were told the car looked like a chopped up Infiniti G35, silver and purple in color.

We were told that it appeared to be a chopped up Infiniti G35 silver and purple in colour. Whether this is the actual make and model has yet to be confirmed, but it apparently looked similar to the vehicle mentioned. — Unlucky Archers

Once again it looks like Unlucky Archers got another reliable insight, the previous were on Ben Affleck being in town, as well as appearing in the film and Harley Quinn’s outfit. Now a car looking similar to what they were told has appeared on the set.

Clearly looking at the car it’s not an Infiniti G35, but it looks similar  to one with silver rims and a fully body purple paint job going by the photos below.

We have to say, going by Unlucky Archers’ scoop and the fact Jared Leto (The Joker) is in Toronto, we believe it’s a safe bet to speculate the car is the Joker’s.

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