Daniel Espinosa and Gerard Johnstone on the Short List to Direct Justice League Dark?


According to movie critic Grace Randolph, from what she says is from a reliable source that the current short list for Warner Bros. when it comes to directors for Justice League Dark, are Daniel Espinosa and Gerard Johnstone.

Randolph isn’t known for scoops, but she states that the same person who gave her this information is also the one that told her that director Mel Gibson was in talks with the studio to direct Suicide Squad 2, which turned out to be true.

Daniel Espinosa is a Swedish director best known for the films such as Child 44, Safe House and Life. While Gerard Johnstone who’s a director from New Zealand, is best known for the horror comedy Housebound.

This report has yet to be confirmed by a trade site or by the studio, so take with a grain of salt until more information is known.

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