Danielle Panabaker Talks The Flash, Killer Frost, Snowbarry and Much More


Danielle Panabaker who plays Caitlin Snow on The Flash, did a two interviews recently, one with Comicbook.com and another with MTV.com, where she spoke about The Flash, Caitlin becoming Killer Frost, Snowbarry (Caitlin Snow/Barry Allen) the Arrow / The Flash spinoff television series and much more.

From Comicbook.com on Caitlin becoming Killer Frost:

Because of the nature of your character in the comics, are you super-aware of the “chilly/icy/cool” puns that inadvertently come up as you’re having these conversations?

A little bit. I’m certainly aware of Caitlin Snow’s future in the comic books, that she becomes Killer Frost, and it’s definitely something that I’d love to see. I think I bug Andrew Kreisberg on a regular basis just with questions about that. Obviously, Caitlin Snow, her name lends itself to it. But it’s exciting!

At WonderCon, I think Andrew said we’d be seeing her sooner than later.


As a series regular and a really fleshed-out character, do you wince at the idea of your character kind of “turning evil?”

There’s absolutely no wincing at all on my part. After my experience with this first season and how many different places we got to take Caitlin, I am completely confident that it’s not going to be all of a sudden she just flipped a lightswitch and became evil. I have complete confidence in them that they’re going to do justice to the characters and it will be a very interesting journey to see.

From MTV.com on SnowBarry and shipping on The Flash:

MTV: Well let’s talk about SnowBarry for a bit… Last time you and I talked I went on the record as a SnowBarry shipper, and proceeded to get torn apart for months by WestAllen shippers online. If that happened to me, I can’t even begin to imagine what happens to you — how do you deal with it?

Panabaker: I do get it and I love the mute button on Twitter. Damian Holbrook from TV Guide recently tweeted, wrote some tweet about, ’I enjoy when fans of fictional characters tweet disgusting, cruel things to real people,’ and it’s so true! I love that people are so invested in the show and in these storylines but… what’s that Taylor Swift song? You… ’Shake it off?’

MTV: I think I’ve heard of that song. Do you guys ever ship things? Do you ever talk about it on the set, or is that something that exists for the online sphere?

Panabaker: I mean we’ve definitely joked about it. One of our writers a couple months ago tweeted a couple photos jokingly about a couple different ships, and I think multiple cast members mentioned their Twitters were affected by it. We try not to take it too seriously, and at the end of the day it’s not like we are dictating these storylines. The writers write the stuff, we just show up and act it.

To read the full interviews head over to Comicbook.com and MTV.com.

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