David A. Gregory Talks on the Idea of Being Nightwing in Titans TV Show


The news on the Titans television series has been quiet as of lately. When we first reported on it back in December, when Geoff Johns confirmed that the series was happening and that a pilot was going to be shot this year, we imagined by this time that a pilot would had already began filming or at the least some casting news would have been announced, but there’s been nothing.

In other words, we’re hungry for some Titans news and we’ve sat on this article since it published, where we kind of, somewhat get something out of an interview with former Constantine actor David A. Gregory.

Gregory in a recent interview with Edge Media Network, who’s endorsing Gregory for the role of Nightwing, spoke on the character:

“I’m of course familiar to how he relates to Batman,” Gregory says, “but he’s mostly a leader — and that’s something that I’d really enjoy.” That’s the side of the Dick Grayson/Nightwing character that most resonates with Gregory. “Often times we see a lot of the lone vigilante,” especially in this genre, “but never a ‘gatherer’ or problem solver,” Gregory describes someone with the mentality of a Henry Ford. The role of a leader also comes naturally to David who already has that vibe about him. “I know I can rally the troops.”

Gregory on wearing the Nightwing costume:

He recalled a story he’d heard from, ironically, the Tim Burton Batman. “Jack Nicholson told Michael Keaton: ‘Just let the suit do the work.’ …And it’s really true — you don’t have to oversell it.” Gregory also relates the superhero’s suit as just part of what he also does as an actor. “This is just another part of my daily routine,” he says. With the exception of the “beauty shots” putting on armor: “It’s what I do. There’s also now so much care to putting that costume together,” he added citing the work that designer Colleen Atwood, who has been instrumental in epically envisioning for both Arrow and The Flash.


This doesn’t confirm he’s up for the role or that he’s been cast, if anything it confirms that at least an actor is interested in playing the role if given the chance. Though we believe he’s not of age to play Nightwing, as Gregory is 29 years old…but then again we have no idea if the Titans television series will truly have teenagers in it, hence why “Teen” is void from the show’s title.

In that case, he’ll work just fine if he were ever to be cast for the role, as he has the perfect look to pull off both Dick Grayson and Nightwing.

Source: Edgemedianetwork.com

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