David Anders Talks iZombie with DC Comics


David Anders who plays Blaine on iZombie, spoke on The CW television series with DC Comics.

In the interview Anders spoke on his favorite things from season one, how he manages to make his character both charming and terrifying, will a backstory be created for Blaine, what fans will be surprised with come the new season, Blaine relationship with Liv and much more.

Looking back at Season 1, what would you say is your favorite thing about it?

I think my favorite thing about Season 1 is that we so clearly developed the world and all these characters so clearly. We also developed the lore of our show because if you watch the show you know that we don’t abide by every zombie show that’s gone before us. We create new rules, which I think is great because there’s no science or scripture when it comes to a zombie show.

Is it hard making your character both charming and terrifying? How do you do that?

They say that a man’s only as good as his word. Well, I am only as good as the words that Rob Thomas, Diane Ruggiero and their team of writers write for me. All of that smarm is really on the page. I can add a strut here and a look there, but it’s just a treat to get to say all of these great lines and words that they come up with for Blaine. I’d like to take credit, but I can’t.

One thing we haven’t gotten much of is Blaine’s backstory. Do you know it, or have you created a backstory for him?

We get into that in Season 2, so it’s interesting you bring that up. Robert Knepper is playing my father, Angus, so we get into Blaine’s daddy issues and his whole family history with his grandfather and mother. In one scene, you learn a lot about Blaine and why he is the way he is. Yeah, I was looking forward to getting into that origin story of Blaine, so I’m glad we get to.

Do you think fans are going to be surprised by it? Will it really shed some light on the character?

Yeah, I think the fans might develop a soft spot for him. They’ll see why he is the way he is. It gives him a new hue.

To read the full interview head over to DCComics.com.

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