Exclusive Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad Content to be Shown at Moscow Comic Con


According to Alexey Ryazantsev of Karo Premiere, who are the distributor of Warner Bros. films for the Russian market, in an interview with Kinometro confirmed that Warner Bros. and Karo Premiere will be premiering exclusive content for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad tomorrow October 1st at Moscow Comic Con.

Though we want to note that the English translation of the article states:

“Alexei Ryazantsev said that the exclusive content of Batman will be shown at the start of October 1 in Moscow, Russian Comic-Con.”

But thanks to @Erbolio from Twitter, he has informed us that the real translation does not state that the content will be of “Batman”, but Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad.

We wanted to make that clear in case an English reader takes it upon themselves to use a translator like Google and get misled to believe the wrong information due to a bad translation, no solo Batman exclusive was announced in the article itself.

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  • Tony Vargas


  • Newmantoplease

    Yes! Finally! I hope we get some stuff on Superman more than batman tbh

  • Oh i’m not going to kill you….

  • fevasu

    So intrigued by this.. Today is Oct 1

  • Nicholas Allen Cotner

    So it’s October 1st lol

  • So? Where are the news??

    • If it’s an exclusive as the Kinometro article states for Russian Comic Con, which will be held for the next four days, it’s not suppose to be released online, only if someone films it with their camera, like what happened at San Diego Comic Con.

      I believe whatever exclusive they have, it’ll be dropped on Saturday Oct 3rd, not the 1st as the Kinometro article said… because normally that’s how it works with most Cons, all the big stuff comes out on Saturday.

      • I believe that too! But since the guy mentioned October 1st, I had to ask 😛

        • Steve Trevor

          Sorry guys. Russian Comic-con chep and worst. Not news BvS and SS 🙁

      • Rene Antonio Valdez

        It’s October 2nd now and it was supposedly going to be shown yesterday October 1st and no description at least? Yeah, calling BS.

      • Nicholas Allen Cotner

        This exclusive content probably doesn’t exist in my opinion

        • Rene Antonio Valdez


  • I’ll repost what I posted on Twitter regarding exclusive content shown at these type of events:

    – An exclusive sizzle reel of Suicide Squad was shown at CineEurope in Spain, we never got a description or even a still from it.

    – Took 3 months to see the exclusive concept art for Suicide Squad shown at Comic Con, most which we had no idea what they looked like.

    – We’re still keep getting conflicting reports of what was shown at Comic Con regarding the Wonder Woman’s concept art.

    That’s how exclusive stuff works, either we hear about them in great details, conflicting reports or we hear they happened and that’s it.

  • I have a feeling we are going to wait a long time for any kind of official footage or product to hit… When it gets to be around the 3 month / 2 month mark then watch out