Exclusive Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad Content to be Shown at Moscow Comic Con


According to Alexey Ryazantsev of Karo Premiere, who are the distributor of Warner Bros. films for the Russian market, in an interview with Kinometro confirmed that Warner Bros. and Karo Premiere will be premiering exclusive content for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad tomorrow October 1st at Moscow Comic Con.

Though we want to note that the English translation of the article states:

“Alexei Ryazantsev said that the exclusive content of Batman will be shown at the start of October 1 in Moscow, Russian Comic-Con.”

But thanks to @Erbolio from Twitter, he has informed us that the real translation does not state that the content will be of “Batman”, but Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad.

We wanted to make that clear in case an English reader takes it upon themselves to use a translator like Google and get misled to believe the wrong information due to a bad translation, no solo Batman exclusive was announced in the article itself.

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