David Ayer Approves of James Gunn Directing Suicide Squad 2


Suicide Squad director David Ayer, approves of Warner Bros. signing on James Gunn to direct and write for the second installment to his movie, in responses to a Tweet of a fan, which has since been deleted, as the fan wasn’t happy with the idea of Gunn taking over the sequel and do whatever he likes with it, as recent reports seem to state.

Ayer went on to say that he thinks it’s an incredibly brave and smart move by the studio, because James is the right man for the job. Which is interesting, as we don’t recall Ayer ever coming out and stating the same regarding Gavin O’Conner…

Warner Bros.
has yet to confirm that James Gunn is attached to direct nor has Gunn himself gone to any social media platform to confirm he’s even in talks with the studio to write or direct Suicide Squad 2.

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