David Mazouz Talks on Ben Affleck’s Batman and Loving Suicide Squad


David Mazouz who plays a young Bruce Wayne on Gotham, was recently interviewed by IGN at the Television Critics Association after party for FOX, which Mazouz spoke on his thoughts on Suicide Squad and watching Ben Affleck’s Batman for the first time in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.
Mazouz thoughts on Suicide Squad:

“I just saw Suicide Squad,” said the actor, 15. “I loved it!”

Mazouz goes on to explain what made him enjoy the film the most were the characters:

“You love them. They were bad guys, but you love them. And that is something that we do on Gotham, if you look at someone like the Penguin. Any other incarnation of the Penguin that you see in the comic books, he’s evil and just kind of this… and in Earth One by Geoff Johns, I’m thinking about it because I just read it, he’s this mayor, and he’s just evil. He’s bad. There’s nothing redeeming about him. He’s just a bad guy. But with Gotham, you like him. He has redeeming qualities, he cares about his mom. And Robin Lord Taylor kills it, but you know that you’re doing something right when you’re rooting for the bad guy. He’s a terrible, terrible person. He kills people with absolutely no regret. But you like him”

On watching Ben Affleck’s Batman on the silver screen:

“I think my first initial reaction was not to judge it, but to observe it, as an actor. Like, what can I do?,” said Mazouz.

“Going into Batman v Superman, I was like, I’m about to watch something, I know that he’s going to be playing the same role that I’m playing, and I kind of went into saying, ‘I want to watch him and see things that I like that he brings to the role that maybe I can bring to the role.’ And I tried doing that, but I mean, he did such a great job that it kind of took me out of it. I totally forgot that I was Bruce Wayne. I was like, that guy is Batman. He’s pretty cool. I just became a nerd. I just became a fan. I tried, but it didn’t really work out.”

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