Suicide Squad Tops The Box Office For A Second Weekend with $43.7 Million


Suicide Squad comes at top for the second weekend in a row, as it wins the weekend box office once again at #1. Being the third film in the controversial DC Extended Universe, it continued to bring in the fans, despite a negative response from film critics, to the estimated tune of $43.7 million dollars domestically. The film also bring the domestic total to $222.8 million dollars in only two weeks, beating out the previously August record holder Guardians of the Galaxy’s $176.5 million dollars two-week total.

While the week to week drop from the first weekend is at 67.3%, what has to be taken into account, is the daily box office records the film has broken throughout the work week, as those totals would have most certainly added to the weekend had the fans waited to see the film during the weekend days of Friday-Sunday. A fact many sites refuse to acknowledge and have continued to try to spin in a negative way.

This also beat the second weekend for previous August record holder Guardians of the Galaxy, which bought in $42.1 million dollar in its second weekend after dropping to the second spot due to the release of Michael Bay’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. This is huge as not only was Guardians of the Galaxy a critical hit, but it was the tenth film in an ongoing franchise that had years to build up a fan base. Suicide Squad being the third film in a critically panned franchise, still doing better from a box office response, is very important, as yet another example of how the critics and fans responses have differed radically in the recent years.

Overall, Suicide Squad continues to prove a success at the box office, as the worldwide total is now at $465.3 million dollars in its second week, with a $175 million production budget.


Eric Curto
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