DC Extended Universe Crosses $3 Billion at the Box Office


The DC Extended Universe officially crosses $3 Billion at the worldwide box office with the help of the current box office gross of Wonder Woman, which stands at $718 at the worldwide box office as of the other day, with the film still not finishing its theatrical run.

Man of Steel – $668,045,518
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – $873,260,194
Suicide Squad – $745,600,054
Wonder Woman – $718,002,300
Total = $3,004,908,066

To put in perceptive how impressive it is that the DC Extended Universe managed to cross $3 billion at the worldwide box office with four films, one has to compare it to another sucessful franchise. For example the Marvel Cinematic Universe, took a total of five films for it to make 2.2 billion, even with adding inflation, the numbers still don’t change. The push to 3 billion for that franchise doesn’t happen until the sixth film, which was the big team up film, The Avengers.

Today’s inflations as of 2016 via (https://westegg.com/inflation/infl.cgi):

Iron Man – $669,179,288
The Incredible Hulk – $301,526,800
Iron Man 2 – $705,353,366
Thor – $493,940,162
Captain America: The First Avenger – $407,363,570

Total= $2.5 billion

One also has to keep in mind that the DCEU managed to cross $3 billion by spending less money on production when inflation is also included.

  • Iron Man – $186 million
    Inflation: $213 million as of 2016
  • The Incredible Hulk – $137 million
    Inflation: $157 million as of 2016
  • Iron Man 2 – $170,000,000
    Inflation: $192 million as of 2016
  • Thor – $150,000,000
    Inflation: $164 million as of 2016
  • Captain America: The First Avenger – $140
    Inflation: $153 million as of 2016

Total = $783 million
with inflation $879 million

The majority of the DCEU films are already adjusted when it comes to production cost, when inflation is included as the majority of them were released in 2016 and 2017:

  • Man of Steel – $225 million
    Inflation: $239
  • Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – $250
  • Suicide Squad – $175 million
  • Wonder Woman – $149 millionTotal: $799 million
    with inflation $813 million

For those who say the DCEU is a failure, let alone a financial failure, these numbers say otherwise!

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