Deadpool Congrats Wonder Woman for Surpassing it at the Domestic Box Office


The official social media pages for Deadpool, have all posted congratulation to Wonder Woman for surpassing it at the domestic box office, by sharing a photo of Deadpool wearing the Wonder Woman symbol as a necklace and his hands out in the shape of a heart.

As of this weekend Wonder Woman has grossed $368 million at the domestic box office in 38 days, beating out Deadpool total gross domestically of $363 million in 128 days. With the way Wonder Woman is pacing at box office as a whole, it’s also looking like it’ll beat out Deadpool in the worldwide box office as well.

Even Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins responded to the nice gesture through her official Twitter account:

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  • GAB

    What a useless character. A meaningless copycat of Deathstroke. Unbelievable the fact that some lazy guy copied another character just to made money, the “house of ideas”. A stupid character who shouldn’t exist but his existence proves that stupidity exist. The only reason why that meaningless copy had success is because ignorance exist, is just a bad meme, a joke that’s not funny. Wonder Woman for the win. DC for the WIN, at least people who worked for DC had the attributes and talent to create something new, their iconic and greatest heroes. What a shame the existence of that thing. A real shame, an offense to human intelligence, an offense to art.