Doomsday Won’t Be in Batman v Superman?


As we previously reported on the wrapping of the 3D Creature FX for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, within the same article it was mentioned that according to Sean Ray, worked on the 3D Creature and Model FX for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice under Moving Picture Company, in the same Instagram post, which he confirmed the wrapping of the 3D Creature FX, he also responded to a fan who asked if he also created the model for Doomsday, by responding with the following:

“Hahaha lol unfortunately he’s not in the film, maybe in the man of steel squel or justice league film who knows”

BVS_Doomsday_Not in filmIt could be possible, as pointed out in the previous article that was posted, that he’s misleading, but nonetheless this information felt important enough to devote a full article to.

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Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice 3D Creature FX is Wrapped
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  • BringerOfRain

    I mean, he can’t come out and say “yes he’s in the film” I mean, what else is he going to say?

    • Nor did he have to respond. He could had said nothing.

      • True, but we’ve known the people associated with the film to deny stuff when asked. Zod himself, Michael Shannon, has done it several times.

        • He hasn’t responded to many of the questions people have asked him, he could had ignored the question or responded in another matter. There’s no proof whatsoever that Doomsday is even in the film outside from a made up rumor that started off of a fake script written by a fan. That’s the only bases to that rumor and will continue to be it.

          • During the early filming of BVS, Shannon was seen on the set, and when asked about it, Shannon said he was just visiting, and had nothing to do with the film. That was obviously not true. Then recently, he claimed his character would have “flippers”, which he later claimed he says all sorts of BS.

            I know there isn’t any real proof about DD at this point, I’m just saying there’s clearly a precendent for people denying stuff that later turns out to be true.

          • But Shannon was asked on it during an interview, he was put in a position where he had to say something, which he choose to make up a stupid story. This guy didn’t even have to reply to the question.

  • Mike Fubar

    It would make things pretty interesting if in fact it was not doomsday in the feature and Snyder pulled the cloak over our heads

  • Hmm so many questions – I can’t bare the wait

  • CmputrBlu

    Like he would tell us the truth at this point anyway 🙂

    But really with “Zod” in the movie what are they going to do…create a Domesday lite? I think it’s obvious in the trailer that the big three are fighting something other than themselves in the movie. At least I hope so; I don’t want the movie to be a 2+ hours of a Batman/Superman pissing contest. 🙂

    So just use an early version of Doomsday which you can still use in another movie as opposed to a generic Doomsday

  • Harley Quinn <3

    Are you kidding me guys? The main villain is Bizzaro. I am 99.9% sure. There is an easter egg in man of steel that shows Zod’s eye with a reversed “S”. Also, in the trailer, superman kneels down before lex as he is shown caressing superman’s face. That must have been Bizzaro. Then we have a scene where superman shoots laser beams directly on batman. Batman isn’t even in his mechanical suit, so that means it must have been someone else.. and superman wouldn’t try to kill batman. I do believe they used Zod’s DNA to replicate the man of steel. Since lex hates superman so much, he wants the people to blame superman. People will think it’s superman, but is in fact, Bizzaro, who in the comics, is a clone of superman. There you have it. I was never really a fan of Doomsday being the main BVS villain because it felt too early. Bizzaro, on the other hand, does make a lot more sense. Also they might put the of naming Bizzaro in a more realistic way. Maybe that’s what he’s called because he comes from a restricted testing room labeled “Room B-0” (B-Zero) or maybe “Project B-Zero”

    • Harish

      I can’t even think how Bizarro will be a global level threat as the official synopsis reveals.

      • Bizarro has the same powers as Superman, in the trailer Bruce even says, in what is believed in reference to Superman– “He has the power to wipe the entire human race.”

        • CmputrBlu

          But so did Zod..and he had a back-up. And he still got defeated by Superman. If it’s Bizarro it’s Batman versus Superman then everyone versus “Superman”.

          It’s possible that the threat in the movie is neither Doomsday or Bizarro and the scene with Zod sets up some future event. I think it makes more sense to create Doomsday than Bizarro since you’re not being specific as to what you get. You just want something that will hopefully kick Superman’s ass. Not someone who’s a CLONE of Superman who you’re going to dress up in a Superman outfit etc. (is that still a thing with Bizarro?)

          • Lex is the real villain of the story. It’s very possible Lex is able to capture Superman by using kryptonite on him, then he releases Bizarro after creating him to rampage the global, to make Superman look bad to the people of earth, leaving Batman and Wonder Woman as the ones who have to take him down.

          • CmputrBlu

            I think a simpler plot would be to have government, with Lex, try to create (from Zod) a being they can control capable to dealing with Superman. Lex captured Superman, creating a clone, releasing a person that looks like Superman, but not quite, to make Superman look bad; requires way out much back story I think.

            Of course TDKR Batman/Superman fight is being moved early in their relationship then later so who knows. Maybe they’ll fast forward the Superman/Lex conflict too.

            I’m probably wrong but I still think it’s either someone other then Doomsday or Bizarro; or it’s a proto Doomsday who will never be referred to as such.

        • Harish

          Zod had the exact same powers of Superman yet Superman defeated him single handedly, so If Trinity is going up against a physical threat make sure it is something which Superman cannot defeat on his own.

          • Kenton Slaughter

            An OMAC based on Zod’s corpse would be a suitable threat. It’d be nearly completely controllable, more than a match for Superman and Wonder Woman, highly destructive, and yet able to be engaged by Batman as well. In contrast, Bizarro and Doomsday are both distinguished by their uncontrollable natures, do not constitute significantly greater dangers to mankind, and are little different than Superman when it comes to what they bring to the table.

        • Actually, Bizarro doesn’t have the same powers as Superman. He doesn’t have heat vision, or freeze breath, his powers are reversed. We clearly saw a heat blast in the trailer.

          • It’s basically the same powers, he can do the same thing just differently. Also who to say they’ll be following the comics exactly with the character? They didn’t on Smallville and in a sense in Superman 3 they did a Bizarro like character in that film as well.

          • That’s a good point. However, why change that about the character? If he is Bizzaro and they change his powers, then he’s just another Superman clone, and he might as well be DD anyway.

          • Doomsday looks nothing like Superman, what would Lex get out of making Doomsday when he wants the world to look at Superman as the problem?

          • Do we know that making a Superman analog is a part of Lex’s plan? And even still, how does a resurrected Zod unite the Trinity?

    • CmputrBlu

      Bizarro? Superman clone? If they clone anyone with Zod’s body it will be Zod..not Superman. Bizarro is just not the way I think you want to start the DC cinematic universe. Especially if it’s trio versus a guy who looks like Superman but with a backwards “S” and a speech problem. 🙂

      If they do Bizarro it has to be in a solo Superman movie so they can devote time to the character.

    • As others have said, there’s no way that Bizzaro is a significant enough of a threat, to unite the Trinity.

      • No, but Lex using an OS system like it’s Skynet is, plus whatever else he may have in the works.

  • Red Queen

    This comes practically out of nowhere, and I might be completely wrong, but I think that the villain in BvS might be Black Adam. The villain must be a threat to Superman, right? Well, one of Superman’s vulnerabilities is, in fact, magic. And Black Adam has plenty of that!
    Also, remember that BvS movie set we saw a while ago that some people sepaculated to be WW homeland? It actually looks more Middle Eastern than Greek. Could it be Black Adam’s homeland?
    And, why was Dwayne Johnson cast so soon? The Shazam movie is still very far ahead…
    I can’t really explain how Luthor would fit into this. Maybe he somehow realizes Superman is vulnerable to magic and gets BA to help him in exchange for something? Like that, they would be able two use the two things that afftect Superman the most: kryptonite and magic.
    Zod’s body could be setting up something else down the line.
    Anyway, like I said, this really came out of nowhere. I’m probably completely wrong. But it’s just something I’ve been thinking of.