Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice 3D Creature FX is Wrapped


Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice wrapped back in December of last year, but since than the film has got extensive post-production work done such as scoring, editing and visual effects.

Sean Ray who works with Moving Picture Company, the company working on the FX for the film, has posted a photograph of the Trinity, stating that he has finished working on the 3D Creature and Model FX for Batman V Superman.

Visual FX is usually the last part of the editing process when completing a film, so this very well could mean that aside from possible reshoots, the film is just one step closer to being fully realized.

Batman v Superman is wrapped, one the best films i have worked on! My inner child is happy! I’m the biggest superman fan ever! So it was a dream to work on it! Looking forward to seeing it on the big screen in March! I can’t wait !! Good job everyone who worked on it #mpc #batmanvsuperman #batman #wonderwoman #superman #trinity #dccomics #dc #dcuniverse

He does mention specifically that Doomsday is not in the film when a fan jokingly ask if he created the 3D Model for Doomsday and while this could be a clever mislead as everyone working on the film has to sign a non-disclosure agreement, it’s still makes us wonder who the main villain will be if it’s not Doomsday, maybe Bizarro?

Eric Curto

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Eric Curto
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