Dr. Leslie Thompkins Meets Jim Gordon in Gotham Sneak Peek


Entertainment Weekly has an exclusive sneak peek of Dr. Leslie Thompkins (Morena Baccarin) and Jim Gordon (Ben Mckenzie) first ever meeting in Gotham, along with an interview with Morena Baccarin where she talks about her character and her relationship with Jim Gordon.

And according to Baccarin, they start out as friends, but that’s not to say they won’t become more than that. “He’s a very complicated man,” she said with a laugh.

But despite the secrecy around the details of their relationship, fans can definitely expect to see Leslie team up with Jim, rather than with the Wayne family—a departure from how her character was portrayed in the comics. “I’m a physician. I’m working at Arkham, but we’re not sticking too close to the original mythology,” Baccarin said. “We are having her team up with Jim Gordon instead of the Wayne family and Bruce. Eventually, who knows—it could go in that direction, but it hasn’t yet.”

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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