Elysia Rotaru Cast as the New Interest for Oliver Queen on Arrow


According to Entertainment Weekly exclusively, Elysia Rotaru (iZombie, Supernatural) has been cast to play a love interest to Oliver Queen in season 4 of Arrow.

But she isn’t a love interest in his present time line, but in his flashbacks. Arrow  executive producer Marc Guggenheim explains the details of the character:

“Oliver is gonna have a love interest in the past that will serve as a parallel or potentially a contrast to his love affair with Felicity in the present.”

“We have a really great surprise for the season premiere for the flashbacks, and it’s made talking about the flashbacks very difficult,” Guggenheim recently said. “We pick up basically in real time. It’s been a number of months later since the last flashback. Oliver is in Coast City, as eagle-eyed viewers noted when he boarded the boat at the end of season 3.”

Source: Entertainment Weekly 

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