Ezra Miller Appears on The Flash Television Series


Not even 24-hours after the episode aired DC Comics fans all across the internet were made aware of the huge cameo that took place on last night’s episode of The Flash for the The CW big cross event with their television series, Crisis on Infinite Earths.

In last night’s episode, Barry Allen played by Grant Gustin in the The CW’s television series The Flash meets Barry Allen played by Ezra Miller from the DC Extended Universe, who was first seen in Batman v Superman, then later made a small cameo in Suicide Squad and was then officially fully introduced in Justice League.

In the scene shared by the two Barry Allens, we learn that DCEU Flash never went by the name “The Flash” in the movies and first hears of the name when CW Flash mentions it, we also then learn that the Multiverse isn’t something that’s officially exist in the DCEU, at least not to DCEU Barry, as he only mentions as he fades away that he only told Victor Stone/Cyborg that it’s possible.

For years DC fans have speculated that if the DC movie world and television world would ever to come together it would be through the Multiverse existing, as that’s something that was created through the comic book series Crisis on Infinite Earths from 1986 by Marv Wolfman.

With the Multiverse this opens a huge window of opportunities for  Warner Bros. when it comes to their DC Comics property, as we’ve already seen this past year with them releasing Joker and upcoming Matt Reeves’s The Batman, with both not being in the same world as what been release since the start of the DCEU starting with Man of Steel upwards into the release of Shazam earlier last year.

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